Thursday, December 21, 2017

Titling Your Work Part 2


Base 6    Hendrix Mixed Media Drawing  
Ajna 8      Hendrix Mixed Media Painting            
 Sacral 6      Hendrix     Mixed Media Drawing

by Member Blogger:  Sara Hendrix

In Part One, I discussed how titling your work can assist your viewers in interpreting, discussing, and referring to your piece.  In Part Two, I suggest that titling your work can assist you with production and organization.  My first suggestion is that you begin with a concept for a series.  Since I am a certified yoga teacher, many of my series involve yoga concepts.  One of my most successful sets was based on Chakras.  Chakras represent the body’s seven major energy centers, with each being identified by a color and a region of the body.  By using elements of the Chakras, I was able to produce more than sixty pieces.  The names were developed from Chakra’s featured color.  For example, indigo is the color of the sixth Chakra, Ajna , which is located between the eyes.  The first Chakra is red and located at the base of the spine.  The second Chakra is orange and located at the sacrum. So, if your series is “Paris 2017”, then you might title a piece “Paris Eiffel Tower 2017.” 
I began by saying that titling can assist you in producing and organizing your work.  I can look at my pieces and readily identify the series.  Also, each series has a storage location in my studio, whether it is in flat file drawer #4 or under the sewing machine.  This, also, helps me in preparing for a show or gallery presentation by having a cohesive group of work.
Comment below and tell us how titling your work has assisted with production and organization.

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