Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Titling Your Work Part 1: Location

Exploring Rollinsville               Sara Hendrix

Welcome to our new Blog Contributor, Sara Hendrix

Years ago, I visited a show with more than fifty beautifully drawn landscapes. Their only titles were numbers. I found this quite frustrating in that I would see a piece that I liked, but could not glean any information from the title. Since these pieces were landscapes, I wanted to know their inspiration. When discussing the work, it was difficult to talk about Landscape No. 123. I needed something to anchor it in my memory. Many artists use a sense of place in their artist statements and frequently use locations in their work. Using a location is a great way to start a series. Many works could be produced from a trip to Paris or inspired by the Grand Canyon. Titles could include “Paris 2017” or “A View from the Grand Canyon, Spring 2017”.
Abstract pieces might include the colors or shapes of a place in their titles. Above I have included a piece inspired by a trip to Colorado.  The colors and shapes of the aspen, rocks, and plants form the foundation for my collage. 

Comment Below and tell us how you use location to title your work.

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