Monday, June 13, 2016

Introducing Art Website Reviews

One way to learn more about art and art techniques is to spend time viewing the work of other artists and learning from the methods they have developed.  If you are new to art, it's an easy way to have free art lessons right in your studio.  For experienced artists it's a way to add to your repertoire and reinforce what you've already learned.  RFAA's bloggers would like to share some of the websites we've found along with a little review of what you'll find in each.  Here's our first one:

                If you are into entering art shows, this site is for you.  It lists all sorts of Calls for Artists by region of the country + international shows.  It also gives grant opportunities, art tutorials listed by medium, workshops, a market for selling your art (at a fee of course) and much much more.  Check it out when you have lots of time to browse all has to offer!