Thursday, March 2, 2017


                Take a moment to think about why you joined RFAA: you probably have a friend who is a member, or you wanted to take classes and workshops, or you needed a place to show and sell your work.  You might be new to art and want to meet other artists and make friends who love art as much as you do.  Whatever your reason for joining, RFAA seemed like an active, welcoming group with lots going on.  What you probably didn’t think about was the people who made all those activities and opportunities happen.  There are no paid professionals booking the workshops, manning the Gallery or hanging the paintings at venues.  No one gets paid to find the great guest speakers or organize the plein air painting days – we are an ALL VOLUNTEER organization!

                You might say, “that’s really great, but I’m just too busy to volunteer”, but the people who do volunteer are just as busy as you are, yet they can find a couple of hours here and there to lend a hand, and when they do, they really enjoy that time.  Maybe they volunteer with a friend, maybe they gallery sit ( it’s open studio time too) and get some help with a painting that isn’t quite working.  Maybe they arrange the flowers that make a reception look more beautiful.  Maybe they serve as officers.  Maybe they send out e-blasts to help keep everyone informed.  Regardless of how small their job, our volunteers make a HUGE difference.  They contribute to all that  RFAA does, not only for our members, but for the entire community.

                RFAA has been in existence for forty-six years.  Without our volunteers, RFAA would have just withered away and disappeared long ago.  Now it’s your turn – check the Newsletter for volunteer opportunities or ask a board member how you can help.  Sign up for whatever time you have to give and be a part of the team who make RFAA such a lively, active and fun organization.  YOU are important.