Monday, August 22, 2016


Multitasking by Alle Craig

        Lots of people on Facebook issue challenges to their friends to do a variety of things and post photos of them.  We’ve decided to issue our RFAA members an ART CHALLENGE.  Use the list below to set some goals for your art work in the next six months.  We'd love to have you share your responses, please post them in Comments at the end of this entry.  As you begin to explore your goals, send us photos of your works in progress. Send photos to  We’ll post them on the blog.  Don’t worry if you aren’t producing masterpieces – the whole idea is to explore and see what works for you and what doesn’t.

·         Words I’d use to explain my work right now are:
·         My paintings will make me happy when they:
·         In the next six  months my 3 goals are to:
·         To accomplish these goals I will need to:
·         Right now I’m most curious about:
·         A few things I’d like to try that I’ve never done are:
·         My favorite subject to paint is:
·         The reason I like painting this subject is:
·         I could paint several paintings about this subject because:

If you get stuck finishing the prompts above, try these:
·         Three artists whose work I really like are:
·         These artists inspire me because of their:
·         I could learn from these artists by:

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