Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Art Hack #3 -- Acrylic Mediums

  What’s the Difference Among All Those Acrylic Mediums?
Walking down the medium aisle in your favorite art supply store or browsing through a catalogue at all those choices can get confusing so here’s a basic primer, on just a few of the mediums you might choose.  Mediums are used to thin the paint for glazing (creating transparent or translucent paint) Remember that every brand may be slightly different so buy a small bottle to see what suits your style the best.
Gloss Medium is shiny and dries clear. It may be thick or thin depending on the brand
Matte Medium is flat or dull and dries slightly less clear.  It too can be thick or thin.
Semi-gloss Medium is halfway between gloss and matte.
Heavy Body Mediums are thicker and may dry clear or slightly cloudy.
Gel Mediums are thicker and can be used to glue down collage as well as create Impasto or thick paint applications
Molding or Modeling Paste is a chalky super thick paste that can be sculpted but remains pliant after it dries -- for use in creating heavy texture.

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